Friday, November 05, 2004

Tell Dr Leigh all about it now...

Please sit down - I have some bad news for you all. There is a terrible plague running through the population of the world like wild fire. At this rate it's possible we'll all be infected within the space of another election cycle.

It's called amnesiosis nostalgia dumbsuckeritis syndrome. We call it ANDS for short. Nobody knows how it's spread as yet but it is starting to look like it has something to do with homosexuality since every time someone mentions homosexuality, ANDS sufferers get themselves into a lather. The symptoms are varied and bizarre but include such things as the complete inability to remember that the '50s were not Eden on a stick. There is also a real loss of working memory which leads to the inability to learn from experience which means basically that once bitten, the ANDS sufferer pathetically extends his / her hand over and over again, saying 'Doh! That hurts...' every time.

A couple of disturbing symptoms have emerged over the past few days. One is the news that John Howard is going to allow George Bush to test his military's new bombs in our country. Pardon me? Imean I knew that John and George had a 'special relationship' but surely this is downright dysfunctional. Obviously George is the Dominant one.

Another of the symptoms of ANDS is abortion's sudden change in status. A month ago, abortion was a medical issue for women. This week, it has suddenly become a political issue for men with ANDS. .... Human beings, that is, the animal species of Homo Sapiens is running in plague proportions over the world. They are like locusts, consuming everything in their path, killing other species at will, generally fucking up the world with their unsustainable numbers.

And yet... And yet... we have these poor unfortunate ANDS sufferers hysterical with the idea that all human life is sacred. ... Except of course for the lives of the brown peoples of the world, many of whom currently starve to death while the first world countries throw food away or are bombed and shot by the weapons produced by companies of the leaders of those who suffer most severely from ANDS.

Let me take you back to the good old days for a moment. This is a true story. In the 40s, there was no compulsory reporting of child sexual abuse. A three year old girl was taken into a hospital with appalling vaginal tears brought about by her father having sex with her. She was treated and sent home. Nobody interfered in family problems back then. It was what was called an open secret. The mother knew that was going on but did not do anything about it.

There were several reasons for this:

1) She could not get financial aid if she left him and so could not support her four children.
2) She had been brought up to believe that once married always married.
3) She had been brought up to believe that if you ignored something it would go away.
4) She had been brought up to believe that children had no rights.

The little girl grew into a woman who could never have children. She lives near me. If you think this is an abberrant case, think again.

There is a theory that the entire world is a creature who has been named Gaia, that she is an intelligent system who will act for her own preservation, that destructive plagues such as the black death and the spanish flu and aids are the work of gaia culling mankind in the same way as we culled rabbits with mixamatosis. ANDS is just the latest in this plague and it has the potential to be the most deadly of all since one of the sickest of it's sufferers has his finger on the nuclear trigger.


At 5 November 2004 at 8:33 pm, Blogger miss e. said...

i agree... also would like to lament the rampant ANDS in my country. suddenly, in the words of another blogger, my compatriots in general are more concerned with banning gay marriage than putting food on their tables. rampant stupidity.


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