Monday, October 11, 2004

Does the name Patrick's ring a bell?

Have you seen that email going around that explains that the human brain can recognise scrambled words with ease just so long the first and the last letter are unchanged? For example;
Oh god, I'd tkae a vlaium if I culod olny uncelcnh my teteh.*

I think this may explain how the workers of Australia got the concepts of solidarity and stupidity mixed up when voting in this election. They both begin with 's', see? And they end with 'y'. I would like to think that maybe those australian workers who voted for John Howard's despicable government thought that their Act of Stupidity was actually an Act of Solidarity with the forestry workers of Tasmania.

You see, there is this crazy perception among forestry workers that they should get special treatment; that while occupation after occupation falls under the scythe of John Howard's Brave New One Stop Flexible Work Force Job Shop, they, along with farmers ought to be able hold on to their quaint old ways. Well, the days of happily singing 'I'm a lumberjack and I'm okay' whilst striding through thick virgin forest wearing a red checked blazer, axe slung with careless chic over the shoulder, are gone. Along with much of the thick virgin forest. Someone needs to get it through their impenetrable safety helmets that clearfelling forest for woodchipping on a very small island is an industry with an extremely short life expectancy; and that we are fast reaching the end of that life. If you have even the IQ of a pot plant, you'd have to see that you're going to need another job before too long. The only thing that's guaranteed here is that John Howard's government isnt going to be the one to give it to you. Unless! Well, maybe I am being unfair. It's just occurred to me that maybe they are planning to open Telstra call centres on the banks of the Franklin. If that's the case, then you'll all be fine - there'll be all the unskilled poorly paid casual work you can cope with for both you and your kids. And oh, one more thing - for those unionists who considered a vote against Labor a protest vote... You protest in a letter to your local member. You protest in a street march. You protest at a town hall meeting. You VOTE in a polling booth. You VOTE in a polling booth. You VOTE in a polling booth.

* Oh god, I'd take a valium i could only unclench my teeth.


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