Wednesday, November 03, 2004

the computer imprint of my tears...

Just as I suspected, in the harsh light of the morning, I have relented and no longer consider myself to be anti-american. Once more I am simply anti-neo-con. .... I spoke on-line with my dear friend Chicago Dave this morning and we shed cyber tears together at the number of people who have died due to George Bush and his insane crew and for the escalating number who will die in the next four years. ....

Why do so many of the people not see him for what he is? A rich boy who dont try to hide it. A rich boy who never met a problem he couldn't buy the solution to. But he's a rich boy whose Texas heritage makes him look like he's jest one of th' common folk.

To all the Americans who worked so hard to see him deposed, I apologise for my bitter words of yesterday. To those who voted him in - what is it, me hearties? Would you rather have a president you can down a few tubes and talk about the game with rather than one who might actually know what he's doing? ... You know people used to look to those who were smarter than themselves for leadership It's just common sense really. ... Now they look to those who seem familiar for some reason.

George Bush was familiar. Remember the first time you ever saw him? I bet you had a little frisson of deja vu. Come on - admit it! ..... It's okay - don't be scared. There's a perfectly logical reason for this spooky feeling. .... George Bush seems so familiar because he is a TV character! He is the naughty boy in every whacky family show from our childhood; always getting into scrapes but charming his way out with a crooked grin and a promise never to do it again. Leave it to Dubya.

He is the stupid Dad in every sit-com you ever saw; always trying to do more than he is capable of and botching the job while Deborah and Marie stand by with their arms folded shaking their heads ruefully and rolling their eyes at his masculine naivity. Everybody Loves Dubya.

He is the centre peg of every disfunctional bunch of friends you ever saw: Dubya Seinfeld. Condi Rice is Elaine with her bad hair and temper tantrums. Dic Cheney is George with his self centred schemes and repressed rage. Colin Powell is Kramer mainly just because he's tall but also because we all used to wonder what the marvellous Kramer was doing hanging out with this bunch of selfish bastards and we wondered the same about Colin Powell. But over time, Kramer showed us that he was just as shallow and conformist as any of them and so has Colin - in spades. .... George Bush makes me angry. Colin Powell makes me sad. .....

So I repeat - to the Americans who tried so hard to stop this happening again; I'm sorry. I'm sorrier still to the people of Iraq that we weren't able to stop this terrible thing that has happened to your country and I'm sorry too that it looks so much like none of us could care less.


At 10 November 2004 at 9:50 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How many more people might have died if GWB and the others had not gone into Iraq? I guess its easy to have all care and no responsibility. I guess you should think yourself lucky that you can enjoy free speech and live in safety cos' thats what we have because we have people of conviction like GWB and our own JWH making it so.

At 10 November 2004 at 9:51 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your naivety is astounding

At 10 November 2004 at 6:27 pm, Blogger leigh langtree said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thanks for the feedback. In fact, it is estimated that in the years of Saddam Hussein's tyrrany, 400 000 people died. It is only 18 months into our tyrrany and already we are up to 100 000. I believe that I do appreciate my life and my freedom. The people of Iraq are not free. We have not brought them freedom and it is doubtful they will have freedom and peace for 30 to 40 years after we leave.

These are strongly held opinions, Anonymous. But I accept that that's all they are. Opinions are like arseholes - everybody has one.


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