Sunday, October 17, 2004

hello officer, i'd like to take out a restraining order please

Well, it's now the 17th of October 2004 - one week and one day after the federal election in Australia in which John Howard's Liberal party blitzed the opposition Labor party with an overwhelming majority of 46 % of the vote. Huh? Wait a minute... When you look at it like that, I am not really so over whelmed. I guess the commentators that keep referring to it as an overwhelming majority have generally dull lives and are easily overwhelmed. ... No. Okay. I was being a smartarse there. Truth to tell, I must confess I was actually overwhelmed that Labor lost so badly and in particular, as I may have already said, that the crazy Australian public has given John Howard's government power in the Senate as well. But a big factor in Liberal's return to government has been overlooked in this post mortum phase; that is, that every state in Australia now has a Labor government and a lot of voters quite simply don't want both state and federal governments run by the same party. Heavy sigh. Instead, we have the upper and lower houses in the hands of a man who believes that giving someone $3000 for having a baby is the same thing as responsible equitable sharing of wealth. Mind you, I am just jealous. I want my cut of the child bearing pie. As it is, I am owed $6000 and when the payment reaches its zenith in a couple of years, I will be owed $12000. ... But that's not why I write. I write because it is the 17th of October and I am still getting bloody letters from John Howard. Today I went to my mail box and I found a letter saying this: Mark Latham's (the 'L' written in a yellow square to denote a learner driver - how amusing! ha! ha! ha!) tax cuts would be written off in 3 months if he forced up interest rates just one percentage point. ...... It's true - John Howard is still hounding me! Last week, on or about the 7th October, I recieved in one twenty four hour period three letters and a damned phone call from him. I think I have made it pretty dang clear that his attention is unwanted. Didn't he get the hint when I sent back his Be Alert Not Alarmed fridge magnet with this message written in Nikko on the outer wrapping: Return to, and Shove up Arse of, Sender? .... That's it. I can't take it anymore - I am taking out a restraining order against him. It's called harrassment. I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore.


At 17 October 2004 at 3:44 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I watched television last night. I know its not good to watch it, there is so much propaganda flowing out of it, but I could not help myself. Most sadly I watched a tv program that epitomises the extent to which we are being fed jingoistic mind altering drugs through the box. I watched JAG. Terrifyingly this episode featured two extreme stories. One was where a military pilot chose to use his attack helicopter to intervene in a police hostage situation and the other was where a man who had decided to become a quaker and resign from the military as a concientous objector was literally punished for doing so....the renegade pilot who used his helicopter to kill someone was almost feted as a hero. The people that voted for Johnny are watching this and other mind altering crap. So of course Labor has an uphill task ahead of it, but its about persevering and if just one person comes out and sings a bar of Alice's Restuarant people will think they are crazy, if two people come out and sing they will think they are queer and ignore them BUT if three people come out and sing a bar of Alice's Restuarant, they will see its a movement....yes friends if we can get people all over the world to sing one bar a day of Alice's Restuarant the movement can take hold and just maybe we can make this world wonderful.....


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