Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Political Monopoly

If you believe that Mark Latham should remain leader of the opposition: Go to the ALP website. Go directly to the ALP websire. Do not pass go. Do not stop to deface a leftover John Howard election poster. Do not collect your $600 election bribe. Just go to the ALP website and jot a quick email telling them so. Believe me, they read them. These people spend tens of thousands and thousands of dollars on market research trying to find out what the public thinks. Do you think they'll ignore what comes in for free? They may not read and note down every word of every email, but they will keep a tally of those in support of an issue and those against. So unless you want to see Kimbo Beasley or Simon 'The Pieman' Crean leading the party further into the wilderness, get writing. Or even worse, Kevin Rudd. Has there EVER been the leader of a nation called Kevin? I don't think so. It's too much like The Life of Brian. If they elected Kevin Rudd leader, the winning ad of the next election campaign would read - Kev-in! He's not the Prime Minister - he's just a Naughty Little Boy. .... The best we can hope for is Labor. The Democrats are dead in the water. The Greens are years away from being anything more than a nuisance to the major parties as has just been proved by the disastrous forestry deal. Sure, Labor leaves a lot to be desired but one day soon, after John Howard has pushed through his cross media ownership 'reforms' and Rupert Murdoch and Kerry Packer finally own everything, when Telstra is gone and another battallion of twenty year olds are off to Iraq, or more exciting still, IRAN, well, then many many Australians and not just the ones who voted Labor, will miss their dear little absent faces. Especially in the Senate.


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