Wednesday, December 01, 2004

canadian parliament gagged

Here in Australia, when the Great Gonzo Georege W Bush came to visit our parliament to bestow his approval and blessing upon the monied classes, no one else was allowed to speak. However, two great Australians, Bob Brown leader of the Greens( only in Australia could one of our bravest men be called Bob Brown) and Kerry Nettle, Greens senator, stood up in the silence of the awe struck hallowed parliament halls and had the unadulterated gall to ask the Great Gonzo Georege W Bush for a 'Please explain' regarding his global homocidal tendencies. Ah, twas a beautiful sight! Later, an even better sight was the outrage of the other parliamentarians who gasped and hrumphed about how rude these two upstarts were. When Senators Brown and Nettle tried after the session to hand George Bush a letter stating their objections to America's behaviour, conservative parliamentarians formed a cordon around him as though they were secret service agents and jostled and pushed Ms Nettle in an extremely aggressive manner preventing the delivery of a letter from two elected representatives of an allied country.

Is this the right of free speech that George Bush is supposedly killing Iraqis for? Now Canada is not to comment on anything at all.

Mark Latham, our once exciting, now blanded down oppostion leader once called those who fawn over George Bush 'a conga line of suckholes'. Never a truer or more Australian term was ever spoken.


At 2 December 2004 at 5:41 pm, Blogger Chicago Dave said...

Okay - sing along in that conga rhythm...

"Bush and Blair and Howard!/Gonna blow the world up!/
Bush and Blair and Howard!/Gonna blow the world up!"

Anyone have another verse to add?


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