Monday, January 29, 2007

Time to Cry

I marched against the Iraq war and then protested in my small Australian town every Thursday till Mission Accomplished. I wrote letters and made web sites.

Recently I read an article from a neo-con supporter who said very bitterly, 'It's alright for everyone to be coming out with 20/20 hindsight now telling us where we were wrong. Where were all the critics before, huh?'

Pardon me? Pardon me!!!

Did not millions of people march around the world begging them not to do this? Did not intellectual after intellectual come out and say, 'We have thought this through carefully and we don't think it will work.' Did not military expert after military expert tell them not to invade a homeland, for a great proportion of them will fight you to the death to avoid occupation whether they agree with your cause or not?

Now the Neo-cons cry foul. They want to blame everyone but themselves for what they have inflicted on the world. They have destroyed the Cradle of Civilisation and traumatised further its people, they have made murderers of yet another generation of American boys and girls, all because they believe that fundamentalist consumerism is a better way to live than fundamentalist Islam. Fundamentalist consumerism has killed far more Westerners than radical Islam could ever hope to.

I have to stop now. It's time to cry.